DFAC Information

Welcome to the Samurai Café Dining Facility. We’re a full-service dining operation, offering a variety of menu selections from our service line areas for you to enjoy. The team at the Samurai Café is dedicated to providing the Yokota community with delicious and nutritious meals in a pleasant, relaxing environment.

The Air Force Flight Feeding program provides nutritious, appetizing meals to passengers and crew of Air Force aircraft. We also provide ground support meals to emergency essential personnel.

Authorized Patrons

  • Officers, Enlisted, Federal & DOD civilian personnel are authorized to dine at Samurai Café Dining Facility.
  • Military and their immediate family members (must be accompanied by a military member) may use the Samurai Café during all meals except when the Food Service Officer determines that it will impact the service provided to the ESM and TDY customers (i.e., during bilateral exercises and local exercises.)
  • Members and chaperones of DOD youth groups may dine in the Samurai Café. Please send an email to 374fss.fsvf@us.af.mil or call 225-8870 at least 14 days prior to the event stating the purpose of the event, number of persons and time.

TDY Personnel

If members not required to eat at the dining facility, per diem for meals would need to be provided by the units and all TDY members would be required to pay cash.

If utilizing the dining facility is mandatory, then units should be instructed to not authorize meal per diem. With this option, all ESM members (meal card) can be added to our system and would be able to scan their CAC for meals. All non-meal card members would be rung up at the register and would sign the AF Form 79 in-lieu of cash payment.

For this option, orders should state, “Member not entitled Meal Portion of Per Diem. All meals are provided at no cost to the member or at government expense”

All members are required to present their orders at the cash register. We will review and calculate the per diem. The total per diem should equal only Lodging per diem and incidentals. If the total amounts to more than the lodging and incidentals we will assume the member is receiving partial or full meal per diem and will require the member to pay cash. Regardless of what is stated on orders.

Meal Per Diem Rate

Surcharge Chart

Flight Support Meal Forms

DV Reservations

For DV reservations, please send requests to 374fss.fsvf@us.af.mil or call 225.8870.

Community Engagement

Samurai Café staff proudly supports the following children’s agencies within the area by coordinating social events/activities within Yokota, followed by lunch at the dining facility through donations from varies groups/ agencies within the base.

If you would like to help in engaging our community support agenda, please let us know.

Fussa Kodomo Shokudo (Fussa Kids Diner)

The non-profit organization opens up the place for community kids (usually elementary school kids) who don’t have anyone to eat dinner with. They also have a volunteer staff that watches children in absence of their parent to ensure kids are not being neglected.

Shisei Gakuen/Shisei Daichi/Children’s home that’s within the Fussa, Tachikawa area.

They provide residential care services to dependent children such as orphans, who are abandoned, abused, and those who were deprived of parental care. They also provide services to prevent parents and their children who are at risk of family dysfunction in the community from being separated. Under this mission, we have endeavored to achieve the following goals under our original mission, “Be Bright, Honest, and Healthy”;

1. Provide nurtured residential care for the children and youth at the home under conditions best suited to their complete readjustment to normal social lives.
2. Provide counseling and other therapeutic services to families as necessary.
3. Assist children in developing self-discipline both individually and in a group to encourage their self-effort and better skill by performing living skills.


*Menu subject to change without notice.