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Summer Bash

How to pre-sign up for the tournaments

Step 1 – Make an account on

Steps to Register for Adult (Ages 18 +)

  1. Go to the Air Force Gaming Website.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password to register.
  3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Username to create your account.
  4. A verification email will be sent to your email. Click on the verification link to confirm.
  5. Select a community to be a part of (Service Members or Civilians & Others)
    1. You will then be asked to answer additional eligibility questions.
  6. Additional verification will be asked to verify military status.
    1. Provide your mil email address to verify OR
    2. Use (Military) – This option may require certain documents to be uploaded (DD214, SF50, etc.)
  7. Once the account is verified, log in to the Air Force Gaming Website
    1. Click on your Username
    2. Click “Settings”
    3. Click the “Connect Discord Account” button to link discord

For additional questions in the registration process, check out AFG’s “How-To Register” video

Steps to Register for Minor (Ages 13 - 17)

The minor’s account will live under the Sponsor’s primary account. Please ensure the Sponsor has registered for an account beforehand.

  1. Log in to the Air Force Gaming Website
  2. Click on vour Username
  3. Click on “Switch Profile”
  4. Click “Add Dependent”
  5. Enter the minor’s information: First Name, Last Name, Username
  6. Minor’s profile will now be listed as an option to select.

For additional questions in the registration process, check out AFG’s “How-To Register” video

Air Force Gaming How-To-Register Video

Step 2 – Join Yokota Air Base Community page on

Step 3 – Search for "Yokota" to register on



Open to U.S. military active duty, guard, and reserve personnel, DoD civilians, veterans, retirees, or dependents assigned to Mainland Japan military installations to be considered for grand prizes. Japanese military and civilian personnel affiliated with the U.S. military installation are eligible to participate, but may only win secondary prizes, if available.